PIA d.o.o. has extensive experience with leading of international projects in USA, Europe and the Balkans from 1997. Expertize of the partner cover project management, teacher training, development of e-learning and development of educational software. Among clients are Ministry of education of Slovenia, Ministry of education of Montenegro and Canton ministry of education of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Latest biggest project on which this application is founded was Slovenian E-education project and PIA was a leader of a consortium of one of the three projects. PIA has implemented ISO 9001:2008 standard.

PIA was one of the leading partners in previous projects. PIA was leader of some of the biggest projects on the Balkans in the area of education such as Support to reform of vocational education and training in Montenegro (EC, 2004), Development of Education Information system in Bosnia (Worldbank, 2007) and E-Education project of Slovenia, East wing (ESF, 2009-2013). PIA has also extensive knowledge in the development of didactical software since the first such a program was developed already in 1991 (DOS environment, later converted into WIN and WEB environment). From that moment PIA has developed 42 different educational projects.