Aereform d.o.o. is a limited liability company founded in 2008 that is primarily engaged in the field of research and development. The three main activities of the company is providing expert services in the field of light aviation (flight testing, flight training and development), aviation production focusing on high-tech composite materials and the development of training systems.
Despite its small size, the economic climate and the difficulty of the industry sector, the company avarages a 15% to 20% yearly growth in income.┬áThe individuals engaged in the company have previously been involved in E.U. grant projects (LdV) as project managers, however the company has generated all of it’s income so far from direct sales of products and services, therefore providing a sound base for future growth.

The organisation has the perfect relevant skills according to the assigned work packages due to the combination of its related work in the development of educational and distance learning systems. Moreover in the last two years it had designed, produced and serviced three on-line training portals that are fully functional and completly funded from sales and are not supported in any way by grant funding.

These on-line portals were developed for sucessful and technologically advanced companies like Pipistrel ( and Dewesoft ( or Institue for welding.
Aereform is recognised as the regional leader in the development of training systems. This fact was recognised by the regional gold and national silver award for innovation by the Slovenian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2013 for the training system of Pipistrel Academy and also the agency SPIRIT of Slovenia in 2014.